Always Backup Your Work Files

For years, we have been advised to ensure that we maintain recent backups of all of our files. However, many of us still neglect to heed this advice, which often proves to be very costly. In today’s data-intensive world, we have absolutely no excuse for making this mistake. Hard drives and other storage devices have continued to drop in price and we can now purchase terabytes of data storage at a very low cost.

Personal Backups

‘Personal backups’ refers to saving copies of your personal files. This can include documents, photos, music, videos and other information which can be of great value. Make sure you regularly sync all of your files to a secure storage media, completely limiting what you stand to lose in the event of a crash or loss of hard drive. Personal files have often been built up over years, and media files such as images and videos can hold great sentimental value. You will not realise the value of these files until they are gone, so do not make the mistake of failing to back up.

Work Backups

Losing work-related files can also prove to be very costly. Loss of these files can completely remove a person’s ability to work. Imagine one day you turn on your computer to find that you have lost all of your business contacts, emails, spreadsheets and other documents. The time it takes to rebuild all of this information can be hugely costly and can have significant implications on a business’ ability to operate. For example, a provider of copywriting services would need to ensure they keep duplicate copies of all clients’ information, current projects and email correspondence.

Make sure you do not make this classic mistake!

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