Transcend StoreJet Hard Drive Review

With all the viruses attacking every computer, it is very much important for people to backup their files on a very safe location like an external hard drive. Aside from safety, getting an external hard drive is also good for people who have a very small hard disk space on their computers. Because of this, external hard drives are being produced massively in order to meet the file saving needs.


Transcend StoreJet Hard DriveOne of the available external hard drives online is the Transcend StoreJet Hard Drive. If you take a look at this hard drive, you will see that its design is very much slimmer and thinner compared to others. At the same time, it comes with different disk capacities, so whether you just need 30 GB or more, you can surely find the ones that will fit your need.

Another positive thing about the Transcend StoreJet Hard Drive is that you need not to plug it to another outlet just to turn it on. You just need to plug in on your computer through the USB port and it will immediately initialize. In terms of warranty, this product comes with a warranty of up to two years.

There are negative points however about the Transcend StoreJet Hard Drive. First of all is that plugging it to a notebook can quickly drain its power. Another negative thing is that people who have customized their operating system using Linux will not be able to use this external hard drive due to lack of compatible drivers.

In terms of price, the Transcend StoreJet Hard Drive is something that people who are on a tight budget would like. Compared to other external hard drives available, this is much cheaper and is still able to do its work as a back up storage space for your important files.

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